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Welcome to our homepage!

The homepage as well as the part for our English speaking guests is under construction.
This single page should inform you in a nutshell

Rearward facing is 5 times safer than forward facing!

If one thinks about how large the head of a small child is compared to the rest of his body it is clear that each strong force on the head is the biggest risk of severe injuries in an accident.
What is not so visible at the first glance is that the spine and bones of the small one is not fully developed and are stretched even more than those of adolescent. Having in mind these two facts, it doesn’t take wonder that the most accidents with severe injuries are frontal ones or are impacts from the side which in the most cases happens in situation with a forward moving car.
The rest is statistics, but every child is unique and has to be protected the best way we can.

Who are we?

First of all we (Sabine Reisinger and Thomas Lederer) are parents ourselves and convinced buyers of rearfacing seats for our son. Because those seats are quite unknown and also not available in Austria we decided to change this by opening a shop. Because not everybody has the opportunity to come here (Linz in Austria) we ship the seats if necessary.

Which seats do we have in stock?

We have listed all the equipment under the link "Sortiment". The best way of getting the seat which fits to you, your car and your child(ren) is to contact us per e-mail. We help you to find the fitting one.
For the shipping of seats and accessories into your country ask for the costs.

How can you contact us:



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